Turn ANY Page Into A Viral Squeezepage
New Software Builds Lists & Get Clicks To Your Offers

Software discovers viral news, articles, videos & products within 10 minutes of it beginning to spike in popularity

Instantly add optin forms and CTA's on the viral article links OR add to affiliate links, product pages and more!

100% FREE built in viral traffic.  Taps in to viral content BEFORE it's gone viral.

No previous experience needed
No writing, editing or website needed

Nothing to install, host or create.  Works on PC & Mac using your browser.

Start getting paid for your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+ shares!

Here's What SQZin Can Do!

Read below to see some of our favourite SQZin features

Viral Discovery Tool

Jokingly named the 'BuzzSumo Killer' by some of our members, the content discovery tool is your goldmine to finding news, videos or even products as they go viral. 

Without BuzzSumo's $100+ monthly price tag!

You can do a search for ANY niche content and have it come back with results ready to set your autoresponder ablaze!

Once the search is done, just click on the article you want to 'squeeze' and SQZin will work it's magic!

Viral Sharing Buttons

These buttons may look innocent, but they're secretly waiting to smash your traffic stats through the roof!

Social sharing buttons appear automatically with every link that you squeeze. Your visitor can share the great content on the major social media platforms you select. 

Making every link you share instantly viral giving you tons of exposure for your customised calls to action buttons, option forms, affiliate links, product links, videos or whatever you choose to link to. 

Cloaking & Tracking

As an online marketer one of the first things you'll be told (maybe, after 'the money is in the list... build a list!!!') is the importance of cloaking and tracking. 

Cloaking protects your affiliate links, from wannabe commission thieves... so you get to keep more of your hard earned cash.

Tracking is vital for knowing what is converting, who is buying and where your time is best spent. 

Sure, numbers might be boring if Math isn't your thing, but trust me... they start getting a whole lot more fun when these trends turn zero's into $$'s!

Video Squeeze Pages

Copy and paste a video link to create high converting video squeeze pages complete with autoresponder optin form, added calls to action and more. 

You can profit immediately by adding an extra affiliate link in a pop over call to action too!  Or use it to get people to a webinar... Or put a sales video from a product release, or an Amazon review video. 

Click the image to the right to see a live demo of a video squeezepage that took just 2 minutes to build. 

Customised Headers

On every page you squeeze, you'll see an attention bar header.  These are customisable, letting you use all kinds of tricky marketing techniques like: 

- Simply keep it at the article/post name
- Rename it to something more targeted to your audience
- Add your company name for more branding
- Mention a special bonus offer for action takers
- Use it as a 'pre' headline to add extra 'oomph'!

Click the demo image to the left to see one in action!

Add CTA's & Optin Forms

Here's the REAL gold!  These are the attention grabbing slide-in's that will drive more clicks than anything currently on the market.  

In the slide-in you can add an optin form, making it a clever eye catching lead capture page. 

Or place a call to action button, linking to a targeted affiliate product, or a contact page, or anything you want to use that will make you money!

Interstitial Landing Pages

Use this feature to make timer controlled squeezepages.

You can set how long you want to make them wait, what you want them to see and then where you want to redirect them after (and which CTA/Optin form to show them). 

You can use this to warm them up to an offer they are about to see on the next page, mention your brand before sending them to an affiliate link, or welcome them to your eCommerce store... the options are all up to you! 

Password Protect Option

Click the image to the right to see the password protection in action.   

To unlock, you can use the password: vipdemo

Locking pages is useful for really increasing engagement, delivering special items, bonuses, exclusive content and really ...  any kind of secret/hidden/VIP type downloads you can think of!

Get Access To Sqzin Today


Use Coupon: sqzin20 to save $20 at checkout

SQZin Lifetime Access

During this short launch period, we've waived the monthly membership fees and are granting access to our monthly membership benefits at this once time payment.

Included in your Sqzin membership: 
[+] Unlimited Cloaked Links
[+] Unlimited Social Shares
[+] Unlimited Clicks To Your Hosted Links
[+] Unlimited Webpage Visitors
[+] 10 CTA/Optin Variations
[+] 5 Media/Video Squeeze Pages
[+] 5 Interstitial Landing Pages
[+] 1,000 monthly actions (unique optins, CTA's etc)

Monthly actions are renewed each month (at no charge to you). If you go over your monthly allocation your optin forms and slide-ins will no longer display.  All of the viral/social sharing and cloaking functions will continue to drive traffic, track and protect your links.


Sure, But... Does It Work?

SQZin is being used by 100's of people already, from beginner marketers, to eCom store owners, affiliate marketers, affiliate networks and even big telecommunication company Tel3 - all with incredible results!   Read what they've shared with us below! 

Tel3 Got 5,748 Targeted New Clients With Sqzin

Avi, From Tel3 Took A Viral Video & Turned It Into $$$'s

The campaign took just a few minutes to create, using a funny viral video about a Mexican Mom being silly in her car. 

This squeezepage has earned almost 6,000 HIGHLY targeted subscribers in a very competitive niche since August 2017 (so far)

300% Sales Explosion After Using Sqzin

Amir From eCommerce Store All4Hair Shop Loves It!

Amir owns ecommerce website, ALL4Hair Shop where he sells a variety of hair products and had successfully been getting about 100 sales per month.

He started using Sqzin on his shop and instantly saw 3 times more sales coming in and is consistantly seeing his sales hit 250-300 a month now, by simply adding Sqzin, tripling his income by 'sqzin' his links!

Before: Approx 100 sales per month

After: 250-300 sales per month by just sqzin the link before sharingn the viral article links OR add to affiliate links, product pages and more!

From: Cindy Donovan
Anyone needing more traffic, more leads and more sales!

Re: New software that finds viral content and turns it into one click profit pulling squeezepages. 


Let me tell you about a remarkable phenomenon known as the 'SQZin Effect.'  

It gives you the chance to tap in to trending content within 10 minutes of a trend taking off - AND - use it to capture leads, sales & masses of viral traffic from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Hootsuite & Buffer.  

This software can build yours lists and let you get paid commissions from ANY of your favourite affiliate networks, your own merchant or advertising network. 

Now you can be getting commissions of $50, $200, $500... or more – all by sharing links on social media that you were going to share anyway.  

ANY link you'd normally share on Facebook, Twitter, G+ & LinkedIn can be making you more money!

And if you need help finding GREAT content to share on these networks don't worry, we'll take care of that too - helping you tap in to an unending stream of viral content just as it's about to skyrocket into viral stardom!

You won't have to hide your head in shame, sharing stupid articles no one cares about in the hopes that it might land you a few cents.

I’m talking serious viral content that grabs the Internet by it's eyeballs, making you one of the FIRST to get your hands on a trend, sometimes before the big syndicated networks catch a whiff of something about to go viral. 

Letting you put your affiliate links, optin forms and buy buttons on the article FIRST and generate masses of growing, lucrative leads.

Building Lists & Getting Paid By Copy/Pasting Awesome Content? 

I Know... Sounds Crazy, But It’s 100% True!


Get the inside track on any news item, video, article or product about to go viral and profit from it immediately...

Sqzin is cloud based software that turns ANY link into an opt-in grabbing, call to action squeeze page.

Our super advanced Algorithm will track down viral content within 10 minutes.

It then turns this content into a squeeze page adding optin’s, with call to actions, overlays...banners...and so much more 

Find Trends 

As they go live, you'll be the first to know it - within 10 minutes of our software detecting the spike

Add CTA's/Optin's

Put your affiliate link, call to action, optin form, branding... or anything you like on it!

Share Your Link

Your new Sqzin page automatically adds powerful social sharing buttons for instant viral traffic.


Your optin forms, CTA's, affiliate and product links go viral, so you can profit now and forever!

Get Ready For MORE Clicks & MORE Money, Using The Easiest, Most Exciting Software You Can Imagine!

Ordinary people, all over the world, are making extra-ordinary part time and full-time incomes... with this amazing software.

SQZin can pull in money for you, every day, like steel to a magnet, without ANY of the hassles of regular link sharing:

No Writing Needed

No Editing Needed

No Website Needed

No Hosting Needed

Build bigger lists, access better content & profit faster by tapping into this 100% viral traffic source any time you like.

This works for ANY link, webpage, video or product to instantly turn it into a viral cash churning squeeze page.

Now, YOU can get your hands on this remarkable new SaaS (Cloudbased) software and create multiple income streams

  • - Spread your links like wildfire inside viral content
  • - Grow your list
  • - Send money into your affiliate or merchant account every day

You will never look at social media the same way again.

Sqzin is cloud based software that turns ANY link into an opt-in grabbing, call to action squeeze page.

You don't even need to speak English to make money with this


SQZin is helping marketers in all kinds of niches

The options really are limitless.  Here are just some of the people who are using Sqzin with great success - but you might have thought of some uses that we haven't even begun to mention.  If you need more leads, traffic and sales in any niche then chances are, yes this is for you.  Have a look here to see how people are using Sqzin.

Shopify & WooCommerce

Squeeze a single product or even your entire store, then promote it like you normally would.  People using this method have seen huge 300% instant boosts in sales.

Or use our discover feature to find trending products before they go viral so you can be at the forefront of the next fidget spinner craze!

Video Marketers

Our software lets you create viral video squeeze pages in a snap, just get your YouTube video link and paste it into Sqzin. 

You can add optin forms, calls to action and more making this the fastest way to get a video squeeze page created.  Or, use it to make money sharing cat videos!

Email Marketers

Cloak and track your links with a single click, add your own branding, mention your special bonus offers or a coupon you've got to increase conversions.

Or kick things up a notch by using the password lock feature to drive up higher engagement on the clicks, with more people opening, reading and watching.

Affiliate Marketers

Sqzin automatically cloaks your links to protect your commissions, making each affiliate promotion instantly more profitable.  

Viral affiliate links:  Possibly the most incredible thing you will ever see is people excitedly sharing YOUR affiliate promotional links for you, Sqzin makes it happen.

Website Owners

Use our instant social squeeze function which automatically turns links you choose on your website into an instantly squeezed viral page.

We'll give you an (optional) line of code and then any time someone clicks the share buttons those pages shared are "squeezed" for you, with your optin/CTA's!

Startup & New Marketers

Sqzin is so easy to use that anyone can use what you already have to make more money and leads - or use our discover tool to find trending material.

Whatever stage of marketing you're at, you can and should use this to protect your links, tap into viral traffic and start making money faster and easier than ever.


The software you need for viral content, easy list building, more sales - all from a flood of 100% free viral traffic is here!

Sqzin is the must-have software, making anything you do online instantly more profitable. Here's some of the features you can get today. 

- Turn a webpage/link into a viral, list building, cash sucking squeeze page with banners, CTA's or optin forms.

- Works for ANY link can be turned into a profitable squeeze page including, news articles, a quiz, Youtube video, Shopify offer, affiliate link or FB post

- NO editing or writing or even English language skills required. 

- Finds up to date Viral content you can profit from, that is updated every 10 minutes. Like BuzzSumo without the absurd restrictions and $79 (MIN!!!) per month fee

- Create instant video squeeze pages that can go viral with just a couple of clicks 

- Build your list and get more clicks to your offers in a fun, exciting new way. 

Now You Can EFFORTLESSLY cash in on upcoming trends AND make EVERY link you share instantly more profitable!

When you log into Sqzin, our cutting edge algorithm will locate trends that are going viral within 10 minutes. You will always be ahead of the curve when it comes to getting fresh profitable content you can use.

As a SQZin user you can simply:

·      Search for trending Viral content that will catch people’s attention

·      Squeeze it (turn it into a squeeze page, viral header, CTA etc)

·      Share the link PROFIT

·      HOORAY!

Want To See More?  Watch The Walkthrough Video Here!

Your SQZin Links Drive Traffic & SELL For You
24-Hours A Day, 365 Days A Year

With these links doing most of the work, you'll be able to have more free time to focus on building your online business - or... just spending time doing more of what you'd like to be doing.   

Honestly, getting traffic can be one of the most time consuming and expensive parts of an online business - and this puts the tools to tap into an unstoppable source right in your hands. 

Better still, this works for anyone

No matter where you live, no matter how much time you have... if you can log onto the Internet, YOU can use SQZin... And there’s NO LIMIT to how many viral links you can turn into squeeze pages to build your list and grow your income. 


Awesome!  How Much Does It Cost?

SQZin has the power to build your list with free content and even more free traffic (if 'more free' is a thing...).  As you might have guessed, this was far from free to create.  We've poured our hearts into this membership software to bring you a solution that anyone can pick up and start to see income spout from practically nothing. 

The beauty of 'viral' is that the earning potential continues to grow for you.

Being totally up front and real with you, ordinarily membership access comes with a monthly fee.  We've got hundreds of happy clients using this software month in, month out and their results make them money - so they're more than happy to keep paying! 

We wanted to make getting started with this more accessible, so instead of the monthly fee we're offering it at a much reduced once-off entry cost.

Right Now We're Waiving The Monthly Entry Fee!
POST LAUNCH COUPON - SAVE20 saves you $20 at checkout. Gone In:

Sqzin Has Been Reviewed & Approved By Many Of The Top Internet Marketers Online, Including: 

Recommended By ClickWise Affiliate Network

Cloaking your links is vital for protecting your commissions, tracking your links and having more control over where your traffic is going.

In October we were excited to see this massive affiliate network not only recommend Sqzin - but do it with a direct link (NOT an affiliate promotion) after noticing the value that Sqzin provides as a better alternative to Google's URL shortener service.

Now The Choice Is Up To You...  Join Them, Or...

You can of course close down this page right now, and forget about this amazing offer.

But... part of you will probably keep remembering what you've seen here today. 

This is the opportunity of a lifetime to be able to start an entirely new business - or multiply the profits of what you're already doing online. 

Everything in life comes down to choices and today life is putting this one directly in your hands!

Simply take the risk free decision to pick up SQZin today at this bargain price and start growing your income and online business the easy way as you ramp up your ability to gather cash generating leads from viral webpages.

And when I say risk free, I mean it!

We Stand By Our Products With Our Sqzin Guarantee

Use the money-making power of SQZin for the next 30 days…

And if for any reason… or no reason… you feel SQZin isn’t everything I say it is (and more, much more…) I want you to ask for, and get your money back!

Just shoot me across an email, and I’ll give you back your money within 24hrs. Frankly, if you don’t believe in every cell of your body that SQZin delivers on everything I say it will, I don’t want to keep your money! I want to build a long-term relationship with you, and I can’t do that with a weak foundation.

And so, to prove I’m truly sincere in my efforts to do everything in my power to help you...

Take the next 30 days and you be the judge, jury and executioner on this. If I’m wrong...You risk nothing.


Get Access To Sqzin Today

SQZin Lifetime Access

Use Coupon: sqzin20 at checkout to save $20


During this short launch period, we've waived the monthly membership fees and are granting access to our monthly membership benefits at this once time payment.

Included in your Sqzin membership: 
[+] Unlimited Cloaked Links
[+] Unlimited Social Shares
[+] Unlimited Clicks To Your Hosted Links
[+] Unlimited Webpage Visitors
[+] 10 CTA/Optin Variations
[+] 5 Media/Video Squeeze Pages
[+] 5 Interstitial Landing Pages
[+] 1,000 monthly actions (unique optins, CTA's etc)

Monthly actions are renewed each month (at no charge to you). If you go over your monthly allocation your optin forms and slide-ins will no longer display.  All of the viral/social sharing and cloaking functions will continue to drive traffic, track and protect your links.


Now is your chance to build massive lists and drive huge amounts of 100% free, viral traffic.

There couldn't be a better time to give Internet Marketing a try if you're new, it's an incredible world of exciting technology that we live in - now you can make income without having to own a website, or learn how to code etc etc. 

Or if you've already got a presence online - take the opportunity to really ramp things up, with most of our experienced marketers seeing an instant 200-300% bump in their CTR's and EPC's. 

We'll be there to help you get started and celebrate with you as you see your success!

Click the button above and you'll get instant access, whatever time of day/night - you can have your first viral SQZin link working for you in moments from now.  So get to it, time is ticking!  I'll see you on the downloads page. 

To Your List Building, Profit Making Success!
- Cindy Donovan & Arik Siboni

P.S. There's simply no easier way to be making income online in 2017.  Software that finds the trends before 99.99% of the Internet does and basically gift wraps you a lifetime of free traffic... well... that kind of thing is normally priceless... but today, you can get it for a song! 

P.P.S. This is a complete system - that anyone can pick up, follow and profit with.  You don't need a website (you can use it for your website if you have one), you don't need to write anything, create anything - just use our software, find trends, put your CTA's on them and share.  Get it while it's hot!


Q: Is it 'Newbie Friendly' Is It, Really...?
A: SQZin is perfect for people just starting out online, and seasoned marketers alike. If you're worried about not making it work, don't.  We've got training videos to help you, and a team of friendly staff ready to assist along the way.  

Q: How quickly can I start making money with Sqzin?
A: Actually, I hate this question... but it's ok, I know - you want to know.  The truth is, it depends on a lot of factors, the niche you choose, what you plan to use Sqzin for (either beginner, viral video and/or traffic type uses - or higher level, list building, CTA strategies).   Results will of course vary, but if you use this software you WILL see a marked increase in your traffic, sign ups and sales.  We guarantee it, or just ask for your money back. 

Q: Are There Any Monthly Fees?
A: No, we normally charge a monthly subscription, but during launch we're waiving that subscription fee - letting you get access to the entire suite for a fraction of the price.    

Q: What are 'Monthly Actions' and why is it limited to 1,000? 
A: Using the software is mostly unlimited for the majority of what you'll be doing, but for the actions we've had to cap it at 1,000.  While this might not sound like very many - 1,000 goes a long way, and is measured by unique visitors. 

The actions are reset every month and you're getting a lifetime of activity to your pages, so after just 12 months of your membership you could have potentially received 12,000 new subscribers or clicks to your affiliate offers, making your investment cost of each of them just $0.003!  

When's the last time you were able to buy traffic, for that much - let alone optins and hyper-targeted clicks to your offers!  

Q: What happens to my pages when my month's actions run out? 
A: If you go beyond your 1,000 actions (first of all, congratulations!!!), your pages will continue to work as normal except that the optin slide-in and CTA buttons will no longer display.  They'll start showing again when a new month starts. 

Q: Can I buy more actions? 
A: Yes, we have varying membership only alternatives.  If you join, we'll give you the opportunity to increase your monthly allowance at a special (entirely optional) new members discount. 

Q: What are CTA/Optin variations? 
A: In your account you're able to store up to 10 different optin lists, or call to action slide-in buttons at any one time.  You can edit, add, remove and delete them at any time, but you are only able to have a max of 10.  You can use these 10 over as many different pages as you'd like.  Our most successful 'beginner level' members find that this helps keep their focus on building more profitable viral pages, rather than scattering wildly.  If you'd like to increase your variations you can, with the special new members offer you'll see straight after your purchase. 

Q: Do I have to buy today? 
A: Well, no - nobody is twisting your arm - but, it would be rude of me to not mention that the price is going up - and up... so right now is the best time to buy it at the best price.  When you come back tomorrow, the price will have increased. 


This website in no way is affiliated with Facebook or any Facebook entities. Once you leave Facebook the responsibility no longer is on their site. 
We make every attempt to clearly state and show all proof. We do not sell your email or any information. Can Spam compliant. 
If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact us link below this text.

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