Watch The Training Video Below

Step-By-Step Strategy

For best results watch the whole video above.  (Training starts at 2.30) 

In it, I walk you through the entire process, showing you what to click and where to paste it. 

Access the software resources in the box to the right

Once you have created your accounts - here are your steps to make it work! 

STEP 1:  Login to Covert Commissions account
- Go to your profile and add your affiliate ID's
- Go to 'New Missions' and choose a mission
- Go to 'My Missions' and request your affiliate link approval
(put Covert Commissions in request notes to be sure you'll get approved)

STEP 2: Connect Covert Commissions & SQZin Accounts
- In your Covert Commissions profile page, click API and generate key
- Go to your SQZin account and click on settings
- Choose Covert Commissions in dropdown (for Autoresponder) and add API key

STEP 3: Create Some Viral Links
- Go to your SQZin dashboard and click the green 'looking for viral content' button
- Find an article and 'squeeze' it
- Choose 'Optin Button' when squeezing and select your mission in the dropdown
(Skip to 12.15 in the video to see this entire process) 

STEP 4: Share Your Viral Content
- This can be done by clicking the share links at the top of the SQZin pages or copy and paste your link and share it anywhere you like

Then... rinse and repeat.  The more links you create and share, the faster you'll see your list build and the sooner you'll start seeing income in your affiliate accounts!

You don't need to use the discovery tool to find content either.  Use SQZin to 'squeeze' ANY link you'd like to share, anywhere online.   That extra step will make every shared link instantly more profitable for you. 


Here's what happens when you've followed these steps.
(And why you should keep doing this as regularly as you can!) 

When you send people to popular, trending articles you'll start to see people liking, commenting on and sharing your links.  

The best kinds of links are ones that:
Get people talking (maybe something informative or even controversial)
Get inspired (a news story or something motivational/encouraging etc) 
Feel something & want to share it on

When they share your links, your slide in - asking them to get their free report, goes along with it - automatically building your list. 

When people subscribe to your list on that page, they'll get a free report given to them, then follow up promotions - all with your affiliate links in every email that goes out, every page they land on from those links etc. 

A lifetime of promotions - all researched, written and managed for you!  

So, that's all there is to it.  Give it a try and if you've learned some great stuff and want to share it with your friends Click Here - and click the social sharing buttons at the top of the page!

Thanks for your time :) 

To your success!
- Cindy Donovan & Arik Siboni

Resource Links & Info

Software Tool #1: SQZin

=> Click here to get your account

Use Coupon Code: SAVE20 to save $20 at checkout

Software Tool #2: Covert Commissions

Option 1 - If you already have a Covert Commissions account you can just login here and get your API key from your profile page. 

Option 2 - When you buy SQZin you will be shown a special deal for Covert Commissions, where you'll be able to get 30 credits for $97.   

Each credit lets you unlock a different mission, giving you more gifts to giveaway and a lot more variety.   

If you choose to buy it you will create your account (and activate it) as part of the sign up process and DO NOT need to do Option 3

Option 3 - Create a free account
(link coming soon... check back in about 1hr)

*NOTE: This gives you a free and unrestricted access, however... you'll only receive 1 credit and future credits will cost more than the available 

The free account is a good option if you're very limited for funds right now, but for best value for money I highly recommend one of the paid options, through the SQZin purchase process - to avoid having larger expenses later.

If you are happy with going ahead with a free account click the button below and create your free Covert Commissions account

=> Click here to create your free account

NOTE: Your account will automatically have the Covert Commissions mission added. 

To claim one bonus credit as mentioned in the video please do the following: 
Email me at 
Use Subject Line: Covert Commissions Credit
*Include your Covert Commissions email address!

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