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Unlock These "Too Powerful For The Public" Features
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Autoreponder Integration

Retargeting Pixels

Custom Scripts

Custom Overlay Scripts


At the moment your account is ready to go with the ability create as many links as you want, but you're a little limited when it comes to the Optin and CTA variations, media pages and number of squeeze pages you can create and have running at any one time. 

From this page you can change that and grab a hold of this awesome upgrade at a never-before-seen price.

On this page you can get a huge boost to the: 
- number of video squeeze pages,
- amount of interstital/timed release pages and most importantly ...
- the number of monthly actions that will display on your page.

Your account is currently able to show 1,000 monthly displays on your viral pages and when you go over that 1,000 your pages will still work - but... you'll be missing out on all of those CTA and Optin form displays.   

It just won't show (until the next month). 

Here's what your account gives you right now:  

[+] 10 CTA/Optin Variations
[+] 5 Media/Video Squeeze Pages
[+] 5 Interstitial Landing Pages
[+] 1,000 monthly actions (unique optins, CTA's etc)

When you upgrade today to ANY of our pro level memberships you'll unlock ALL four of the pro level upgrades as well as your choice of extra traffic, landing page packages, CTA's and optin variations etc. 

Or if this doesn't interest you and you're happy with the limited entry level memberships and basic level of access and features, click here.

Just be aware... this is the ONLY chance you'll see to get in at this new members pricing.  So only click if you're 100% sure this isn't what you want or you'll miss out forever.  

If you're unsure and want to give it a try - and avoid missing this opportunity, you can with no risk.  The upgrade is fully backed by our 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. 

So you can try it out, take advantage of the upgraded benefits, extra pages, monthly actions etc and if it's not for you, just let us know.  Hey, worst case scenario you've managed to get an extra month of sweet perks for free!  

Unlock These Pro-Only Features 

You'll have all of these features instantly added to your account 

Premium Module #1: Autoresponder Integration

Basic members can capture email leads in the optin slide-in squeeze's - but with the pro level membership you're able to connect your autoresponder and automatically have the leads added to your chosen autoresponder account. 

This means you don't need to export from SQZin.  Instead, you can sync your subscribed members in real time automatically. 

Currently integrated with AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse and Covert Commissions - with more integrations on their way based on customer demand/requests. 

Premium Module #2: Facebook Retargeting Pixels

Facebook retargeting makes every click instantly more valuable and with this added pro-only access unlocked, you can drop retargeting pixels and build custom audiences easier than ever! 

Using Facebook retargeting is important for: 
- Reaching your visitors at a better time that suits them
- Reminding them about your product/brand
- Make your brand look bigger
- Gain people's trust

And of course access MUCH cheaper clicks from Facebook

Premium Module #3: Custom Scripts

This pro feature gives you more flexibility than ever on all of your sqzin pages.  Our system lets you use all kinds of scripts, so you can add third party code to:

- Display exit pops, exit intent pops etc.
- Countdown timers
- Advanced tracking pixels and so much more!

If you have different ideas for custom scripts that we haven't mentioned, contact our support team and put in a request.  We're constantly improving and upgrading our system, and are always open to more suggestions.  

Premium Module #4: Custom Overlay Scripts

With your current level (basic) of membership you can create video squeeze pages with just a couple of clicks - from either your own videos, or ones you find using our discovery tool. 

Using the extra perk of custom overlay scripts, you can also add custom overlays on top of your media/video squeeze pages - adding the ability to put a pop over, or extra level of content on top of your quick and easy video squeeze pages.  

Put extra affiliate links, CTA's, popups or anything, right over your video squeeze pages. 

Plus BONUS Wordpress Plugin

As as added bonus, we're also giving PRO members access to the beta version of a plugin that we've created with your success in mind. 

This plugin automatically adds social sharing buttons onto your blog - wherever you choose to set it to display and when users click to share, it will automatically squeeze that page and add extra viral capabilities to every single social share. 

We're adding more features to it - based on user requests, so we'll be able to build this to be one of the most powerful social sharing plugins you've ever seen. 

You'll get it for free, included with your purchase when you get any of the pro level upgrades. 

Don't Be Held Back By Limitations! Profit from EVERY viral click with more displays, more pages & many more options!

Again, this offer is extremely limited.

To be 100% transparent, you will have the option to upgrade later but NEVER at the prices available on this page.

Try it now without risk & avoid kicking yourself later when you see how much traffic your pages are getting...

When you see how easy this is to use and start getting traffic to your page you'll want to upgrade - it's just basic math... when it's getting you viral clicks, optins and sales it makes sense to do more of the same. 

"If you could spend $1 to make $100 - you'd do it every day.... right?" 

It's a fact.  Your pages WILL get traffic - it's up to you how far you want to take it

Today you can have a risk free chance to try it out and get more.  Try it for 30 days and if you don't love all the extra perks simply request a refund. 

We're pretty sure you're gonna love it - but hey, if you don't ... no hard feelings! 

Your SQZin Links Will Get An INSTANT Boost
And you can have SOOOOO Many More Of Them Too!

I know you can already see the value of SQZin - and are super excited to check out the discovery tool and start tapping in to all of the extra clicks, leads and sales that we know you're going to love - but this upgrade is a step well worth your time and investment - and comes with our guarantee of course!

We Stand By Our Products With Our Sqzin Guarantee

Use the money making power of any of the SQZin PRO membership options for a full 30 days…

Without risk at all.  We give you full tracking stats in your dashboard, so this is NOT some kind of 'I hope this works' software - you'll be able to see clearly if it's working, or if it's not. 

And with these extra upgrades... you can be sure it will work!  But if for any reason it doesn't work for you, just let us know and we'll give you your money back, even if after a FULL 30 days you've used every last click in the account and gotten yourself thousands of leads. 

With a system this powerful, I seriously doubt you'll use the guarantee, very few people do - but it's there for you anyway, so you can know your purchase today is totally safe. 

Choose Your SQZin Pro Level Today

Your Current Membership Level is Basic, Choose Your Upgrade Below

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SQZin Pro Platinum

Now you can profit from every single one of the viral clicks headed your way, with more of everything - building more video squeeze pages, intersitial pages and capturing more emails than before. 

But ... only from this page. 

Choose your membership level above and secure your membership at a discounted price - forever.   Your membership fee will never go up, even as we continue to add new features and build this platform out further. 

So lock in your grandfathered membership account now and I'll see you on the next page!

To your success!
- Cindy Donovan & Arik Siboni

P.S. Yes, as mentioned - this is truly a limited - one time offer.  You will NEVER see this again, so act now and unlock extra profits on your InstaGenius plugin now, at a fraction of the cost of what others pay for later.



Q: What are CTA/Optin variations? 
A: In your current account (basic) you're able to store up to 10 different optin lists, or call to action slide-in buttons at any one time.  You can edit, add, remove and delete them at any time, but you are only able to have a max of 10.  The upgrades available here increase that amount and also the amount of traffic, clicks and optins you're able to process each month. 

Q: Is It Difficult To Install?
A: Actually, just like SQZin basic, there's nothing to install.  You'll be able to login to your account and see all of the added extras available in your account right away. 

Q: Can I Change My Membership Level Later?
A: Yes, you can upgrade and downgrade in your members area later.  These prices are only available for now though, so it's often best to buy the one you think you'd like to use 3-6 months from now - so that you can benefit from the low new members pricing.

Q: How Long Do I Have To Stay Subscribed?
A: There are no contracts, you can take it one month at a time, starting the first month off completely backed by our 30 day month back guarantee.

Q: What Happens If I Cancel? 
A: If you choose to downgrade or cancel your subscription entirely, you'll be reverted to the basic level of membership again - giving you the page restrictions, limited CTA's and Optin displays etc.  Your account will still remain active and will get your 1,000 CTA/Optin actions each month that you originally purchased, you just won't get the added upgraded membership perks, or extra traffic benefits.  

Q: Is There A Lifetime Purchase Option? 
A: No, we have a lot of monthly costs associated with the searches you perform with the discovery tool (BuzzSumo normally charges $79 minimum a month for that alone!) as well as the hosted pages we provide for you.  Your subscription fee helps us run things smoothly, keep the business growing and develping and providing the best and most profitable piece of lead capture/traffic software available. 

Q: Do I Have To Buy It Now? 
A: Well, yes and no.  Ultimately the choice is yours (of course!).  This is an optional upgrade, your current account will do everything we've said it does and bring you tons of viral traffic, leads and sales - but this is your chance to take it beyond the basic level - to increase everything while locking in the low new members pricing option.  So, in short - no, you don't HAVE TO buy it, but yes - it's a very good deal that you might regret later if you don't grab it now .... and it's backed by our guarantee - so ... there's nothing to lose and potentially EVERYTHING to gain. 

This website in no way is affiliated with Facebook or any Facebook entities. Once you leave Facebook the responsibility no longer is on their site. 
We make every attempt to clearly state and show all proof. We do not sell your email or any information. Can Spam compliant. 
If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact us link below this text.

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