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FINAL OFFER: Let Me Manage Your Promotions For You!

From: Cindy Donovan
Anyone who wants automated, passive, revenue, traffic sources (guessing that's you?)

Re: My flagship product that has pocketed many people thousands of dollars is now integrated with SQZin!


You're almost at your members area, but... I've saved the best for last! 

As you may know - I've been marketing online for a LONG time.  Building marketing lists, making huge commissions.

Just have a look at my JVZoo affiliate stats recently.  

From the 1st of August 2017 until 20th of Sept (not even 2 months), I was able to generate $10,068.45 in affiliate profits - check it out! 

$10,068.45 In Less Than 2 Months Might Sound 'Kinda Cool'... Until You Realise...

My members made almost SIX times that!


Covert Commissions List

And that makes me CRAZY excited - because it means, my system works, my members stay members (and phew! I know what I'm doing... haha)

But, while making a decent income with affiliate marketing sounds like a bit of a cruisy job ... I mean... get paid while you sleep etc... 

The reality isn't as easy as it sounds. 

To make REAL decent affiliate cash, you need to have a decent sized list, which takes work... you know what I mean, yeah? 

You need a lead capture page, giveaway, writing emails and sooooo much more. 

Covert Commissions has made it 100% automatically simple

With FULL Integration with SQZin. 

See How Covert Commissions Works Below For
Ready-To-Go/Hosted Lead Capture Pages & Managed Email Promotions


Integration With SQZin Is Simple

In fact your affiliate marketing will be taken care of, including setting up your account, in just a few minutes!

Step 1:

After you purchase you'll get login details for your account.   Login to the account, activate it with your license key and add your JVZoo, Warrior Plus & Clickbank ID's.

If you don't have any of those (free) accounts, we've got short videos showing you how to get them. 

Step 2:

In your SQZin account, connect your Covert Commissions account and choose which 'mission' you want your new subscribers to be automatically opted in to. 

And... That's It.

Any time someone subscribes on one of your SQZin pages, they'll automatically be added to an email autoresponder sequence that: 

- Gives them a gift, an awesome targeted download relating to the mission you've chosen to promote 
- Delivers the gift and some other great training materials 
- Sends promotions for top converting products ALL with your affiliate emails in there

We'll do all the research for you, all of the email writing, put together bonuses and send the commissions directly to your affiliate account.  

THEN... we'll keep giving them awesome email content and affiliate promotions for evergreen offers proven to convert, or high quality launches as they go live - all with your affiliate links, forever! 

To celebrate the release of SQZin and welcome you to the 'family' we've put together a special deal for you. 

In Fact... To Get What You're Being Offered Today Some 
Current Members Have (Happily Paid) Over $500.

Today, You Can Have It For A Fraction Of The Cost!  But ONLY From This Page!

You'll Receive: 

30 Credits For Annual Option, Or 5 For Monthly Option
These Are Used To Unlock Different Funnels/Niche Missions

2 New Credits
 EVERY Month 

Promotions To Every Lead You Put In The System 
Unlimited Subscribers, No Hidden Fees 
1 Click Integration, Automatically Add To Any Pack 
Export Your Leads To Your Own Autoresponder  
So You Can Still Add To Your Own Lists 
3-5 Launch/Affiliate Promotions To Your Leads Each Week! 
(No writing, no making bonuses, no doing anything...) 


Choose Your Pricing Option Below

SQZin Cash Annual
SQZin CC Monthly

Plus BONUS Wordpress Plugin

Our Covert Commissions members also receive a bonus wordpress plugin specifically for Covert Commissions, which lets you upload and automatically connect your account with your blog. 

The plugin can also display banners that we provide for you (just check a box to choose which ones you want to display). 

You can show your prebuilt lead capture pages as an exit pop, or even as a pop up on your page.  

We're continually adding new features, new packs/missions and squeeze pages for you to choose from, so you can provide great, fresh quality content to your visitors and have it make you a ton of cash in the process... all after this short few minutes of set up time. 

Again, you will only see this here

Covert Commissions is getting more and more integration points - so lock in your account while it's low and use it to get more leads easier at MANY places online!  SQZin is an easy place to start - and grow your list easier than ever! 

We Stand By Our Products With Our Sqzin Guarantee

You know the drill by now, yeah?  This - even more-so is 100% backed up by our guarantee.  Covert Commissions is a product that is... well, my baby.   It's getting all grown up now, but it's still my baby.

And I want you to try it without any hesitation - by offering our SQZin guarantee on this too. 

Try it out for 30 days - I know yo're gonna love it, it's the easiest way to become a big affiliate without having to write a single word... and now you can do it totally risk free. 

Don't Miss Out On Covert Commissions Today

This is your best chance to make a HUGE automated, without barely lifting a finger.


The brilliant combination of free, viral traffic from SQZin with the automated affiliate sales from Covert Commissions and you're going to be completely unstoppable!  Choose your member level and I'll see you on the downloads page!

To your success!
- Cindy Donovan


P.S. This offer is better than ANYTHING I've offered for this service and is a once in a lifetime - don't miss out, while everyone else is winning big time - by connecting your leads to this 100% managed system. 




Q: I'm already a Covert Commissions member, do I have to buy again to use this with SQZin? 
A: No, if you already have a Covert Commissions account you'll be able to use your existing details, connect your SQZin account and start having your leads automatically added to the Covert Commissions mission of your choice 

Q: Can I still get access to my leads?
A: Yes. When you connect your account in SQZin, select 'Covert Commissions' as your autoresponder.  Then, in Covert Commissions (in your profile), you can add your autoresponder details. Any leads added on your SQZin pages will automatically be added to Covert Commissions email followup, making you money - and added to the autoresponder of your choice.    

Q: Why are you doing this?  What's in it for you?
A: Total 'cards on the table' here - but I win from this in a few different ways, the main one being that this is a paid membership service.  Secondly - In every mission, it also promotes Covert Commissions!  So my membership base grows - I pay you commissions for selling Covert Commissions (and all the other products) - so it's true win/win. 

Q: Are there any hidden fees? 
A: You don't need to pay anything extra on top of your $97 per year (or $27 a month) membership cost.  We cover everything including hosting, autoresponder costs and all content creation. 

Q: Wait... $97 a year?  Is there a once-off purchase option?  
A: Yes, we have an unlimited account, which gives our top level members unlimited credits.  Actually, you'll receive 1000 credits instantly in your membership to use on packs.  We have 5-10 new packs added each month based around current launching products and top quality evergreen offers, so there's always plenty of fresh content.


Q: What happens if I decide not to renew my membership next year? 
A: That choice is up to you, but if you decide not to renew - you'll still keep access to everything in your account.  It will be 100% functional, i'll still mail your leads for you and you'll even be able to keep sending traffic to any of the missions you purchased before!  You just won't receive any extra credits as part of your monthly benefit. 

This website in no way is affiliated with Facebook or any Facebook entities. Once you leave Facebook the responsibility no longer is on their site. 
We make every attempt to clearly state and show all proof. We do not sell your email or any information. Can Spam compliant. 
If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact us link below this text.

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